The Buckle is a leading retailer for fashion-conscious young men and women of medium-to-precious casual clothing, shoes and accessories. The Company operates currently in 449 companies, named Buckle and in 42 states.

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About Buckle Store

A wide range of brand names, including pieces of denim, other inexpensive bottoms, tops, sportswear, outerwear, accessories and shoes, are sold on the buckling market. The Company focuses on personalized customer care and offers customer services such as free changes, lay-outs and a frequent shopping programme.

Shopping and business in the USA (95), locator Buckle near me and the shopping and business information. See the list of buckle shops in America below. To find Buckle easily, only use state-specific sorting and see the map to see all stores. The following business information on Buckle is available to you: location in the mall, other locations nearby by state, opening hours, mapping and GPS codes, addresses, phones and contacts.

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Buckle numbers in the United States: 95

Lincoln Square is Buckle’s largest shopping mall

Safety and Health

Subject to all applicable regulations and regulations or other legally mandated occupational health and safety standards, suppliers must ensure safe and healthy work environments for their workers, including adequate facilities and protection from exposure to hazards and materials as well as safe and healthy accommodations for workers. Providers shall provide at a minimum adequate management of safety and health, building and fire safety, machines and equipment security, adequate protection equipment and access to drinking water and appropriate sanitation facilities.

Practices in the environment

Suppliers must show high respect for the environment and comply with all applicable laws and regulations on the environment. Furthermore, suppliers shall comply with all legislation, rules and regulations on the composition and packaging of the product.

Quality and safety of the product

The conditions by which you deliver your goods to Buckle (“Goods”) include the guarantee that all goods are safe and suitable for the use in which they were manufacturing, without material that could harm persons, without defects, comply with applicable standards, are of professional quality, and work according to expectations and agreements. Buckle reserves the right to return goods that do not comply with the above standards.

Buckle suppliers must be responsible for ensuring that all goods sold to Buckle, including child goods, comply with the federal, state and local laws of the United States and the laws of the respective country of manufacture or export. These include and are not limited to, enforced and adopted legislation, standards, rules and regulations of the country, Consumer Product Safety Board, and of the Federal Trade Commission (including the provisions of any judgment on consent), Proposition 65 of California (including the requirements and the provisions of Env RG04-2075, Env Center, including the People v. Supplier must adopt a relevant testing program and carry out all necessary tests to provide sufficient general conformity or third-party testing certificate to comply with the Act on Improved Consumer Product Safety in 2008 (“CPSIA”).

Buckle does not provide its suppliers with legal advice or assume responsibility for informing suppliers how the law can be observed. Buckle encourages suppliers to consult with their own legal counsel to help them review all applicable legislation and requirements.